Pocket Pebble LOVE 'Poke' set

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Love only grows by sharing, and that just became even easier this Valentine’s Day with the limited edition couples Pocket Pebble dining kit.

This special configuration of OTHERWARE’s lightweight cutlery set includes two forks, perfect for on-the-go dining, a romantic camping trip or just getting cosy together indoors.

The Pocket Pebble is OTHERWARE's smallest and most compact product to date: the new case’s volume has been reduced by 45% through a flatter and slimmer design than its predecessors, making it easily slide into a pocket.

Designed to hold fewer utensils for more space efficiency, the Pocket Pebble weighs 36% less than the original Pebble.

The LOVE 'Poke' set includes two forks and a straw.

The Pebble comes with a custom clip to hang it from a belt loop or bag strap. The case is 'made from music' from recycled CDs, handles from recycled food packaging and the tips are anodised titanium coated steel, and is re-recyclable at the end of its life.

- Dishwasher safe
- The case comes with a carabiner-style clip and lanyard, for easy carrying
- Made with recycled polypropylene, polycarbonate and steel